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We've partnered with the HUG to highlight and feature some of the artists and creators we support. Discover new art!

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Who are we?

The OG Collective is a group of collectors, curators, artists and innovators dedicated to connecting collectors and creators in Web3.  Originally formed in mid-2022, the OG Collective (OGC) has transitioned to a DAO governed by membership tokens designed by OGC member, Mr. Werewolf.   

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Our Mission

Create - Collect - Connect

The OG Collective supports artists at any stage of their Web3 journey.  We help launch artists new to Web3 as well as boost existing artists.   Community is essential to Web3 success so we are committed to connecting artists, curators, and collectors to help Web3 succeed.  We believe in unlocking the creativity within each and every one of us. 

Our Community

Creators - Collectors - Curators

The OG Collective was born out of a desire to support artists all over the world.  Our members (Twitter list) include prominent NFT collectors, widely followed curators, and successful artists.  Beyond Web3, our members have a variety of oflline experience and strong networks that we bring to all of our initiatives.  We’re so proud of the community we’ve created and love watching our artists blossom.

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Featured Artist


Mason Eve is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist and designer. 


Her Genesis NFT collection launched in October 2022.

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