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The OG Manifesto
Create - Collect - Connect

The OG Collective connects artists and collectors in Web3.  On-chain digital art removes the barriers to art creation and collection, allowing almost anyone to participate.  In the midst of a digital art revolution, we help artists succeed in creating and selling art.  As the quantity and quality of digital art explodes, collectors can rely on us to share art that inspires, amuses, or makes you think. The OG Collective is a community of like-minded, successful art collectors, curators, and artists.  We are leveraging our collective experience, resources and networks to help artists and collectors find success as Web3 and digital art changes the world. 




Art is magic. Art is celebration. Art fuels the soul. We believe digital art is art and that the world benefits from more art.  Art doesn’t need to be displayed or performed to be meaningful. The creation of art can bring joy, catharsis, fulfillment, and growth. The future will be filled with abundant digital art - most personal and some for sale. 


Every artist has their own journey. A tiny fraction of all physical art is bought, collected, and sold. Given the costs, gatekeeping, and other barriers to entry, not many artists have been able to participate in the traditional art market - particularly those that hold non-dominant identities.  Web3, the emergence of digital art and NFTs are an opportunity to change the dynamics of the art world forever.  New artists can establish themselves in Web3.  Existing artists can find new audiences and explore new techniques.  As the world evolves and Web3 becomes more accessible, we believe there will be an explosion of new art and artists.  


We realize the new landscape of digital art and NFTs brings new challenges and expectations of artists. These can be daunting.  If an artist wants to sell art, they must go beyond art creation to succeed in this new world.  It often feels like an artist requires some mystical mastery of technology, marketing, customer relations, branding, microeconomics, and psychology.  


Clearly, many artists need help navigating this new world.  The OG Collective helps emerging artists get started but as importantly we help artists stand out, get noticed, and break through the burgeoning noise. 




We believe Web3 democratizes art collecting. The art market has two sides - selling and buying.  The digital art market is in its infancy with very few collectors and many skeptics.  Digital art, Web3, and NFTs are revolutionizing how people view, share and own art.  Where once you might own 5-10 pieces of art to hang on your walls, now you can easily own and share hundreds of pieces.  With digital art, there are no wall space limitations, no storage costs, no lost provenance paperwork, and lots of accessible-priced art.  Our phones, TVs, billboards, digital frames, and computers become portals to infinite art possibilities.  Art everywhere!  Art for everyone!


We appreciate that people collect art for a variety of reasons... beauty, investment, identity, community, and sometimes just "for the culture."  People connect to many forms of art every day. These connections range across culture, history, personal narrative, humor, belonging, or sense of wonder.  In the digital art world, people are able to own art that inspires them - and easily share it with the world.  

The OG Collective helps this new wave of collectors find and enjoy the best of what digital artists have to offer.  We curate and share our favorite art and artists with the world. Oftentimes many of us will own some of the artists' work.  This is intuitive - if we love the artist, we will want to own some of their art.




Commercial success for artists is rooted in talent but often influenced by hard work, luck, grit, and even "hustle."  We are drawn to artists that are talented, authentic, and committed.  The best artists are dedicated to their art, community, and collectors for the long haul.  Given the uncertainty of this new world, it is critical artists have a growth mindset. The OG Collective works with artists who desire our support. We believe artists should be open to feedback on Web3 best practices from collectors.  At the same time, each artist has their own journey and they must be confident enough to set their own course.  Often commercial success of an artist arises from the connection the art has to the artist's own story as well as the context of the times.  Lastly, success is never guaranteed in the art market but the most successful artists are evangelists for their own work. When an artist collaborates with the Collective, we are here to help and advise on these topics. 


Connecting artists and collectors in meaningful ways is core to the OG Collective. Our members have helped artists launch in Web3, created remarkable art, shared their favorite art, promoted emerging artists, and curated remarkable collections.  Often we help each other and artists we collect with Web3 or offline projects, businesses, and charitable causes.  Community connection is core to success in the digital art world and the OG Collective is forging a new path for artists and collectors to succeed together.


The OG Collective helps the digital art world create, collect, and connect.

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