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Advice for Artists

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The title of this post might be a little grating to some artists!

I'll Do It Because I Want To!

The OG Collective are big believers in the idea that artist should create whatever they want!

As artist 0xdgb says: "Your art, your rules."

BUT... everyone has experiences that they can share to improve artists odds of success in Web3. The OGC wants to help artists succeed. Examples: learning what has worked from other artists, new trends in technologies, or perspectives from collectors about how they like to be engaged by artists. Creating art and selling art are two separate processes... the latter uses skills that don't necessarily come natural to all artists.

Here are some great threads we've found that might help artists along their journey.

DVDan: OG Collective member DVDan has a very popular thread with his advice pinned to his profile!

MintFace: Artist and creator (The Line) has a spectacularly detailed set of "Advanced Collector Research for Artists."

Wubbushi: Rapidly emerging artist Wubbushi has some strong opinions on pricing (among a lot of other things!)

Fredrik: By the time you see this, it may already be outdated but still interesting: The latest techniques for Twitter engagement.

Hoizon: Successful and distinctive artist on Personal Branding for artists.

Killian Moore: While this thread is described as advice to photographers minting in Web3, it might be helpful for all emerging artists.

Have a thread that you've seen that might benefit other artists (or collectors!) in Web3? Share it with us on Twitter: OG Collective.


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