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WGMI? What does that even mean?

The famous Web3 rallying cry means something different to everyone. Find your definition and shoot for that!

Are We ALL Gonna Make It? No, not in the sense that we are all going to be rich... but with the right attitude you can get a ton out of Web3. For creators the process of "making it" has a lot of moving parts.

Great tweet threads discussing making it in Web3

OSF: Early on is his artist journey, successful trader, artist, Web3 personality, and project leader OSF posted a thread on what he did to make it.

Punk 6529: A spiritual and intellectual leader in the NFT space, 6529 wrote an important thread on Making it in Web3 all the way back in 2021.

Inceptionally: NFT collector, investor, and OG Collective member Inceptionally wrote a thread applying Steven Pressfield's book "The War of Art" to NFTs and Web3 creation. Persist through the resistance.

Roger Dickerman: Project founder and interviewer has a great long post on "zooming out in Web3" packed with his insights.


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